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The Oud Trilogy

The Oud Trilogy


3x30ml. Natural, luxurious oud in three distinct variations: fresh, signature, and dipped in gold. * FREE RETURNS * FREE SHIPPING * For UK go here

Please note we have limited quantities of these sets worldwide. To avoid disappointment, please order now.


Introducing our new 3x30ML luxury set! 


Luxurious Natural Oud

This is a set of 3 x 30ml award-winning perfumes made by Chris Maurice for the house using a composition of orange blossom, cypriol, and 100% natural Laotian oud and Suyufi agarwood tinctured by the perfumer.


We worked with Chris to create a unique Oud formula that resulted in a sequence of development that started with Symmetry, followed by Loudo, and finished with Gold Spot.


Chris uses a natural Laos oud from his Carbonnel oud farm, and a Suyufi Agarwood tincture.


SYMMETRY in three words: balanced, fresh, serious

LOUDO in three words: delicious, nostalgic, signature

GOLD SPOT in three words: luxe, celebrity, bonbon

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