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The Oud Trilogy

The Oud Trilogy


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Introducing our new 3x30ML luxury set! 


Luxurious Natural Oud

This is a set of 3 x 30ml award-winning perfumes made by Chris Maurice for the house using a composition of orange blossom, cypriol, and 100% natural Laotian oud and Suyufi agarwood tinctured by the perfumer.


We worked with Chris to create a unique Oud formula that resulted in a sequence of development that started with Symmetry, followed by Loudo, and finished with Gold Spot.


Chris uses a natural Laos oud from his Carbonnel oud farm, and a Suyufi Agarwood tincture.


SYMMETRY in three words: balanced, fresh, serious

LOUDO in three words: delicious, nostalgic, signature

GOLD SPOT in three words: luxe, celebrity, bonbon

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