50ml, Extrait de Parfum


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  • About Tartan

    A fire is roaring in the library while you savor a glass of Speyside Single Malt, all nestled into a tartan blanket. Warmth and refined heritage envelope you after a walk with the hounds through mossy ruins in Scotland’s Highlands.

  • Notes

    In three words: warming, autumnal, mossy


    Notes: Virginia Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Cedarmoss, Bread, Leather, Hops, Tobacco, Buddha Wood, Hedione, Jasmin Tea, Labdanum


    Nose: Sarah McCartney 

  • Expert Quote

    “In the drydown Tartan smells like a really posh, weedy dank manor, in the best possible fashion. Wear it with tweed, jodhpurs and Wellies.”


    -Ida Meister, Senior Editor, ÇaFleureBon