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Extrait de Parfum

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  • About Leopard

    There’s no point lying about it: the premonition of an epic night on the tiles is inescapable. Heady excess and high drama in every note, this is the promise of scandal and privilege in every drop. Classic and classical, a noble beast signifying power and the right to luxury and hedonism. The only choice when good behaviour is not an option.

  • Notes

    In three words: haughty, decadent, spicy


    Notes: frankincense, black pepper, cardamom, galbanum, cassis, rose, violet, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, labdanum, castoreum, beeswax, musk


    Nose: Ashley Eden Kessler

  • Expert Quote

    “Sexy Leopard makes me feel like a star. If I’m gonna wear it I know I’ll have a great time. Rose, patoucli, sultry spices… What else is needed for happiness?”


    -Yana Lysenko, Youtube reviewer, Tommelise

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