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C Sound in G Clef

C Sound in G Clef


Edition of 3 + 2 APs



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  • Details

    Sarah Baker & Andy Hsu

    'C Sound in G Clef'


    Edition of 3 + 2 APs


    Wood, glass, printed paper, music box mechanism and perfume.


    Learn more about this art work here

  • About G Clef Perfume

    G Clef is a joyful modern fougère with a refreshing citrus twist. Breezy, aromatic lavender and a zing of grapefruit over gentle mosses. A hint of sundrenched jasmine spinning in the background. Coastal Californian bliss.


    Notes: grapefruit, jasmine, bergamot, lavender, calone, oakmoss, coumarin, amber. 


    Nose: Sarah Baker


  • About the Sculpture

    A boat-like sculptural object holds a 100ml bottle of G Clef edp.  Lift the bottle from the boat, a concealed mechanism causes it to rock and it plays a music box version of 'Beyond the Sea’, the song made famous by American singer Bobby Darin. The rocking and music continue until the bottle is returned in it's place.


    The edition comes with a back-up 100ml bottle of G Clef.

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